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What if

your Geographic Permit System

could think?

What if

not only organized

but INTEGRATED information

hiding in many departments?

What if

it provided reports that saved you hours

increased revenues

and improved your ability

to manage information to your public?

What if

your system could reduce

traffic congestion,accidents

and save you costs

of duplicated road repairs?

What if it could Eliminate Right-of-Way Pain Points?

Car in a pothole


  • Despoiling Pavement Cuts
  • Injuries and Claims
  • Arbitrary Contractor Activity
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Permit Violations
Missing Coordination


  • Between Agencies and Applicants
  • Within Agency Divisions
  • Between External Project Owners


  • Paper-based documents
  • Excessive processing labor
  • Inspection schedules
  • Fee collections


  • Change Orders
  • Damage
  • Service disruption
  • Injury
Traffic Congestion


  • Traffic Disruption
  • Emergency Service Routing

What would you want it to DO?

Make permit applications easier and faster!

  • Applicant recognition
  • Categorized applications
  • Easy work zone placement on GIS base map
  • Automated notifications
  • Automated triggering of external agency permit processes
  • Completeness checks
  • Easy viewing dashboard
  • Easy organization, filtering and searches

Make Permit Enforcement and Work Oversight Easier!

  • Convenient field tablet inspection forms
  • Police and eliminate work violations
  • Accurately document restorations and responsible parties

Reduce Departmental Costs and Increase Revenues!

  • Reduce processing labor
  • Permits stored in secure, searchable GIS
  • Automated notifications
  • Automated fee collections
  • Reduce inspection labor
  • Manage emergency repairs

Reduce Traffic Disruption!

  • Coordinate overlapping work
  • Reduce traffic disruption
  • Eliminate unnecessary road cuts
  • Access real-time maps of all planned, active, and completed work zones
  • Notify car navigation systems of temporary traffic control measures
  • Notify emergency responders of active work zones
  • Enable ITS rerouting
  • Decrease work zone durations

Reduce Pavement Surfacing Costs, Potholes, and Public Claims!

  • Enforce pavement cut moratoriums
  • Coordinate all work within public right-of-way
  • Store contractor and bond information
  • Track inadequate restorations
  • Abate persistent occupations
  • Maintain easily searchable database

Facilitate Enterprise Asset Management Practices

  • Manage all changes within public right-of-way
  • Implement valuable as-built data collection practices
  • Share beneficial data management with external users

Improve Department Transparency and Demonstrate Responsible Management Practices!

  • Provide instant dashboard updates
  • Monitor processing time
  • Supervise responsible agents
  • Police occupations for violations
  • Automate reports to public media
  • Increase departmental transparency
  • Demonstrate reduction of public discomfort is ready to solve your problems.

Acquired by 23 government agencies and utility companies with effective results including better internal performance, faster processing, reduced costs, enhanced communication and coordination, and improved road conditions.